October 5.  And accotdingto the crazy calendar, it is something called Plaidurday.  It is supposedly a world wide celebration of plaid.  Who knew.  And it started in 2011 in Lansing Michigan.

Well as SOON as my human saw this celebration, you KNOW what she HAD to do.  She had to get out those tartan scarves she bought for us on her road trip this summer to Cape Breton.  Because tartans are essentially plaids.  Although… in Scotland a tartan is a tartan and a plaid refers to a tartan cloth used as a kilt accessory or a cloth for a bed.  According to Wikipedia.  But for most people, in North America anyway, the two are kind of synonymous.

So once those scarves came out, of course, we HAD to have the obligatory photo shoot.
As usual, Einstein was the most cooperative.  He knows the drill.  He sits and smiles. He is wearing the Nova Scotia tartan because we PONs were born here.  I don’t think there is a Polish tartan.

The FG always starts out serious and after a few minutes starts to smile.  He is modeling the Quebec tartan – where he was born.

Now yours truly was the worst subject.  We do this in the garage- and the FG’s food bowl, with all the leftovers he didn’t eat at mealtime, was in the garage.  And I KNEW it. Getting me to sit and stay required handfuls of treats and toys to make me pay attention.  Still, she managed to snap one or two good ones.  Out of the 63 taken.  I’m modeling the Cape Breton tartan. There is no good reason why.  Other than the fact that my human loves Cape Breton.  She should have worn it.

Now “Tartan Day” is supposedly celebrated in April. Maybe she’ll get a shot with the three of us.  Good luck with that.  Those scarves would be great fun to play tug with….
Have a happy Plaidurday!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 21

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