So today we have a plug and a helpful hint.  And both have to do with dog jewelry.
Now I’m not talking about the fancy tags or collars  that we dogs can wear.  I’m talking about the dog jewelry that humans wear.  Humans LOVE to sport jewelry showing off their breed.  I think we dogs should wear tiny human jewelry.  Anyway, the first jewelry I’ll talk about is a birthday gift that my human got back in August.  She bought it for herself.  She actually saw an ad on Facebook for jewelry made from dog photos.  Or any photo really- but she was interested in the dogs.  She saw that a friend in the UK – Nikki – ordered a piece of the jewelry and she was happy with the product.  So really, this is all Nikki’s fault.  Nikki ordered a pendant, and it looked just like her two PONs.  So my human, being the copycat – she actually calls Nikki her shopping mentor- had to order something.  But she decided on a ring.  And here is the result:

It has our names etched on the sides:

So now we get to go everywhere with her.  Figuratively anyway.  

I am going to include the link – but this is a plug based on OUR experience.  Look carefully at the size of the pendants- they are small.  And I’m not sure if they will maintain their nice look- my human has only had her ring for just over a month. But so far – she likes it!
OK. The next jewelry tidbit is a helpful hint.  When my human was last at Crufts a few years ago, she bought a pewter pendant of a PON head. And the other day she went to take it out to wear it.  Imagine the horror (humans are so dramatic) when she saw it was covered in green tarnish!!! She obviously couldn’t wear it like that, and had to wear a DIFFERENT dog pendant to work instead. Cough. Cough.
Anyway when she got home she wanted to figure out how to clean the pendant. And here is the hint. Do you know what you can use to clean pewter?!  Ketchup! Yup. The vinegar in the ketchup apparently is the key. I am attaching the cleaned photo which is really crazy because I don’t have a “before” photo.  You have to trust me that is was green and crusty before the ketchup.

So those are your dog jewelry tips for today. Really, the photo jewelry COULD be something other than a dog, and the cleaning tip is for any pewter object.  But does anyone actually have jewelry that ISN’T dog themed?!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days:  20

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