October 2. And according to the crazy calendar, it is Name your Car Day.  We already have a name for our car.  It’s Ludwig.  Ludwig is not big – but he is mighty and he is big enough to hold all three of us canines.  With one in a crate.  Ludwig is a VW Golf.

Now on Sunday, my human was going for a drive with some friends.  And she was the driver.  As usual, she was rushing to meet her friends, so didn’t really have time to clean Ludwig.  But the seats were not fur covered, so she thought Ludwig didn’t look too bad.
It was only after they had been out for about an hour when she realized that the passenger in the back had to watch the scenery through frosted glass.  Yup.  One window was covered in canine olfactory art.  
On closer inspection , it almost looked like the art took the form of letters.  She tried to get a picture of it -but you couldn’t see it with the reflection.   Of course it was letters.  We spelled “Let us out.”
Yesterday she was off so she had to do the pointless house cleaning and vacuuming.  We’ll bring in more leaves as soon as we go out -so why bother.  And as quickly as she put all the assorted bones from the dining room graveyard back into the copper boiler where they are stored, yours truly would pull them back out.
She also attempted a RIDICULOUS idea to keep the FG from chewing the carpet corners.  Along with 100 “other” things that my human collects, she has a rock collection.  Yup.  She lugs home rocks on her journeys.  If they are too big, they end up in the garden. Smaller examples end up on the kitchen window sill or in bowls.  So she took a couple of the medium sized treasures (about the size of an orange) and piled them on a corner of the carpet.  Stop laughing. She did.  How long do you think it took before the FG started playing rock hockey.  So much for THAT bright idea….
Today it’s back to guard duty.  Oh and thanks for all the suggestions about how to feed the FG.  The whole topic is just inconceivable to me – what dog doesn’t like to eat?   Besides, if he doesn’t want his meal, you KNOW two dogs who are MORE than happy to clean it up for him. We are so thoughtful…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days : 18

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