The curse of Big Brother

I almost HATE to discuss this topic.  For fear I will jinx things more…

My loyal readers KNOW that my the FG has a bad habit of decimating carpets.   We’ve been through several since his arrival as a puppy.  He starts his “teeth crafting” and then we PONs join in.  And when my human can no longer tolerate the unsightly floor covering, she buys a new one.  In fact, my human bought one for the dining room….and it was ceremoniously unrolled on June 28.  And we were taking wagers as to how long it would remain intact.  

Up until now, NO ONE has touched it.  BUT – the other day my human was at the counter in the kitchen and looked up JUST in time to see the FG holding one edge in his mouth.  She shouted “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”  and raced over to pull it out of his mouth.  He just looked at her.  

Fast forward to the next day and she is at work.  She was at her computer and she got a “ding” indicating that Big Brother detected some “movement at home.”  She doesn’t look at her phone to check on us every time she gets the “ding” but since I had those seizures she has been checking on me a bit more frequently.  So she looks at the screen on her phone and as the picture becomes clear, she spots the FG.  And he’s pulling up the carpet.  

Imagine her reaction.  She’s sitting in her office at work and watching the new carpet about to be “stylized.”  That’s one of the problems with Big Brother.  You see the train about to go off the track and you can’t do much… So she does the only thing (short of getting in her car and going home) she can think of.  She runs and shuts her office door, hits the microphone on her phone and shouts “ELROY LEAVE IT.”   Luckily the person who occupies the next office wasn’t in.  Although they may have heard her on the floor below.  She anxiously watches as the FG drops the carpet and looks around.   Einstein immediately runs to the window closest to where Big Brother is located – with the FG following.   She doesn’t want to say anything else – because she doesn’t want them to figure out that she’s not REALLY there.  I would have though Einstein would have figured it out – but I guess he’s not as smart as I think.  They looked out the window, walked around the room, and looked out again.

She watched for a minute or two until they settled down. And then she said a prayer that the carpet would be OK when she got home.  And it was.

So now when she goes to work, there is a line of chairs lying on their sides – all along the edge of the carpet.  It looks like a small fortress surrounding the dining room table.  Hey – maybe we could use it as some kind of agility course.  Now THAT could be fun while my human is at work.  Imagine her watching THAT on Big Brother…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 9

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