Fall. And other special stuff.

Ah.  The first day of fall.  Sunny warm days and crisp, cool nights.  And the leaves are starting to come down.  Which means the vacuum cleaner will be going into overdrive the next few weeks.  We PONs have a habit of gathering leaves at this time of the year and bringing them into the house for further examination.  It’s our “collection.”  Needless to say, our collection doesn’t stay around for very long.

In addition to being the first day of fall, on this day in 1888, according to the crazy calendar, the first issue of National Geographic magazine was published.  But hang on.   Color me confused.  I looked at my crazy calendar and found that date.  But THEN I looked at ANOTHER date on the crazy calendar and it listed OCTOBER 1 as the date of the first publication.  In fact, I even wrote about that last year.


Maybe they published two issues.  Who knows.  I think I need to write to the crazy calendar people…

Anyway, while searching around, I found this short video about the History of Dogs – created by National Goegraphic.  It’s a pretty good summary.  A bit depressing bout purebred dogs – but that IS the reality.  I’ve ranted about that before – so I’ll curb it.  For now.


Hello – but does anybody see a resemblance between those baby wolves in the video and this critter?

OK, the baby wolves have their ears up.  While in this photo, the FG still looks like the Flying Nun.  But there IS a resemblance.  Do wolves toss their bunnies in the air?   Wait.  Don’t answer that – I realize THEIR bunnies aren’t stuffed.

It’s Saturday.  So you know what THAT spells.  MORE walks.  Although maybe not – because we DID have a “Special Weather statement” about rain and wind for at least PART of the day.  Humans have a such weird vocabulary.  “Special” should mean something good – or even unique or remarkable.   But “special” paired with “weather” is never anything good.  They never use it to describe a great sunny day.   To ME – “special weather” would signal clear skies and sunshine.   That’s SPECIAL.  There is NOTHING special about wet dogs.  Ever.

OK. That’s my rant for today.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the FG’s latest journey down the road of bad behavior …

Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 8

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