A regular day

Not too much new on the home front- which can actually be a good thing!  We had a lazy day yesterday. Well we did.  After we played outside and became suitably tired, my human went to cut some trees down.  OK.  Not trees – but branches on the trails to the lake.  We sat on the deck and Einstein barked out instructions. Unfortunately- still pretty squeaky. When he realized she wasn’t going to follow his plans, he went back in the house.

Oh – I suppose I should mention that my human went to the dreaded Dollar Store the other day and came back with a big bag.  We all know what holiday is coming. Can we come and stay with anyone until after the end of October?  
With the lovely day, of course the puparazzi was in full swing. So she took 4,539 pictures – and I thought I could share a couple.  Hope you enjoy them!

Have a good one! Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 3

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