Be responsible. Don’t be a zombie.

September 15. And according to the crazy calendar, today is Responsible Dog Ownership day.  It’s a day to remind the zombie humans that they need to be mindful and responsible if they own a dog. Most people ARE responsible – they understand that to own a dog you must give us the best food you can afford (steak every night would be nice, but kibble is ok too…), you must be sure we have fresh water ( and clean water as we don’t appreciate drinking slobber), you must take us to the vet when we need medical attention (even though we may not want to go), you must not keep us tethered outdoors at all hours of the day and night – in all kinds of weather conditions ( you live with a roof over your head – and so should we!), you must provide us with a safe place to sleep (preferably on your bed), you must train us to be obedient (whether we choose to do so or not is another story), you must pick our poop (and keep mental notes about quantity and quality), and you must not allow us to run free (besides being a nuisance, we could be hurt or lost or worse). Now most humans understand that these things are necessary to owning a dog.  But there are zombies out there, who just don’t THINK about these things. I know it’s hard to believe – but they do walk among us. 

Those humans who are responsible understand what an incredible joy it can be to share their  lives with a canine companion.  When you bring us home, you have essentially made a vow – for better or for worse…we are a lifetime commitment.  And in return, we will guard you, make you feel better when you are sad, we will make you laugh (and sometimes make you cry!) but most of all, we will provide you with unconditional love.  Every day.  Every single day…
Have a good, responsibile one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 2

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