The flood

We had a flood.  A mini flood – but everything is OK.  And for a a change, we dogs can’t be blamed for this household problem…

On Monday morning we went out for our early walk.  We happened to run into Pig Pen and one of his humans on the trail.  We joined them for a good run on the golf course.  Yours truly can actually be a bit pokey on these runs.  Why?  Because I KNOW my human has left kibble out for the FG while we go on our walk.  And I just want to go home.  All the while we are headed away from home, I am a slug.  Unless I see a rabbit…But on the way HOME, I’m the leader of the pack, practically racing to get home. It’s all about the food…
Anyway, when we walked in the door, my human looked on the floor and saw a wet spot.  What?!  Did the FG PEE indoors?  He NEVER does that.  She came around the corner and quickly saw the problem.  A flooded kitchen.  With the dishwasher running.  Obviously we had a leak.
Thank goodness for the 58 “dog towels” we own.  She was able to throw them down to sop up the water – because there was too much for a sponge mop. While she was doing it, she didn’t need to worry about us PONs joining in the clean-up.  We didn’t DARE get our feet wet.  Meanwhile, the FG had tracked water throughout the dining room.  Of course he did.  But it was just water.
My human called Pig Pen’s human who had just walked with us because LUCKILY he is a plumber.  He came over and took a look at our 100 year old Maytag. And they discovered the problem…A heating coil had come off the bracket that holds it, so it was resting on the bottom of the plastic base of the machine.  And it burned a hole in the base.  Yowza.  Could have been a different outcome than a flood.   Anyway, the coil was reset and the humans are going to TRY a repair.  The machine still works great – so hopefully it will keep it running for awhile…  I mean dog treats or dishwasher?  If it comes to that, I vote she does the dishes by hand.  
Have a good one! Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 105

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