God Made a Dog

September 4.  And today is the birthday of a much-loved American radio broadcaster who passed away in 2009 – Paul Harvey.  Harvey was a newsman – but was probably best known for his series : The Rest of the Story.  He told stories of ordinary people – in sometimes extraordinary circumstances.  In 1978, he delivered a speech at a Farmers of America Convention entitled So God Made a Farmer.   The speech was later used in a truck commercial in 2012, during a Super Bowl game – and became quite famous.

And then somewhere along the line, somebody adopted the speech and created this….So God Made a Dog.  Although Paul Harvey didn’t write it, I’m sure he would approve…

We are in mourning today.  My human goes back to work. She promised to be home early.  If she can.  I KNOW the University where she works allows dogs to come on campus to help students relax – what about dogs to help faculty relax?!  I have to start working on that…
Well back to sleep.  Oh I mean GUARD duty.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 104

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