Skinny Dogs

Three strikes.  And they are out.  

Well the FG went to his third show yesterday- and as they say in the dog show world- “no love for the Picard.”  From the judge anyway.  Now the adoring public – that’s a whole different kettle of fish.  He schmoozed with the crowd and even made friends with a very cute Baby Puppy Doberman named Cinder. They became instant best friends.  
The FG was actually entered in one more show today, but my human decided three was good enough for one weekend.  Not to mention the fact that they would have to be there by 7:30 today to be ready on time and I need my pill at 7.  The show site is about 45 minutes from our house.  So.  A speeding ticket would cost over $250.  You get the idea.  The timing was bad – and besides, Einstein and I wanted them home with us today.
One thing my human learned this weekend – she needs to put some weight on the Picky Picard.  It’s not that he isn’t fed enough – he just doesn’t eat it!   So my human got all kinds of advice as to how she can fatten up the FG.  Suggestions about different kibble, suggestions about additives to increase palatability – including a couple of spoonfuls of clear broth soup, macaroni and cheese and something called Satin balls which are said to put weight on even the thinnest of dogs.  If you Google it, you should see a recipe that includes ground beef, wheat germ, olive oil, oatmeal,  shredded wheat cereal, unsulphured molasses (?) and an egg – shell and all!!!  You make little balls and can freeze them.  I think they sound WONDERFUL- but then I’m a PON,  and I am NOT picky.  At all.
So this is my human’ s new mission.  If readers have other ideas to fatten a Picard, please feel free to share them.  
Today I suggest we play EXTRA games of fetch and go on some extra long walks.  After all, today is a day of mourning before my human  heads back to work tomorrow .  Worst four-letter word in a dog’s vocabulary.  Well – that and bath.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 103

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