Day 1.  No big ribbons.

Well my human and the FG went to the show.  As soon as he had a chance (like while my human stopped to talk with someone) he hit the AstroTurf and started to roll.  A perfect response after she spent all kinds of time brushing him.  Honestly, I’m not sure why she bothers.  He always looks the same.
The best parts of the day:  hanging out with her Bernese, Old English and Boston terrier buddies.  Oh – and their humans.  She also had a bite with some of MY blog readers – Evelyn and Leta- who were just lovely.  Meeting up with the Boy Scout leaders who help out at the show – who always remember Elroy’s name was also nice!
I shouldn’t say anything about the judge – he seemed nice enough, but was a bit skimpy when it came to giving out smiles.  Maybe he’s just a super serious guy…..BUT he did give our buddy Connor, the Old English a Group 3 – so for that, we liked him.  
Another fun part of the day was trying to get a photo of the FG with my human.  He kept putting his ears all inside out. 

 Then some stranger decided to help out.  She went to other people asking for a squeaky toy.  And BINGO – ears up!

Of course the REALLY good news yesterday was my seizure count!!! Yup.  I hit 100.  And 101 today.  We are not sure exactly what part of my medication cocktail made the difference- but so far so good.  There were points where we never thought we would see 20, let alone 100!

One last thought on the Dog Show thing.  They go back at it today.  And while everyone wants to win ( why bother going if you don’t!) at the end of the day, everybody takes home the best dog(s) – ribbon or no ribbon.  And trust me, we dogs don’t care-we just like hanging out with you. And those who do guard duty if we don’t get to go to the show-  we REALLY appreciate those extra treats when you get home!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 101

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