The FG is maturing. Maybe.

Well keep your fingers crossed.  Today is the FG’s first day at the dog show. I must confess, I am just a little bit jealous.  I mean not only does he get to go to the show, he even got to go to a restaurant the other night.

My human was walking the FG at the golf course late on Wednesday night.  As they were headed for home, the chef at the restaurant at the course saw them.  And yup – the FG got a treat.  And if that wasn’t enough, the chef told my human to bring the FG into the restaurant- there were no more customers, and he wanted to introduce the FG to the staff.
My human wasn’t quite so sure about taking the bull into the china shop.  But she nervously agreed and marched him through a hall and into the dining area.
And she was shocked.  Not only did Mr. Sociable greet everyone, he calmly relaxed while my human had a beverage.  It was like he was drugged.  He was SO well behaved. 
Now we just hope he is equally well behaved at the show. We are well aware that just when you think he is maturing, he immediately turns into the the Wild Child.  Remember him sitting on the rock in the water- refusing to come onto the shore when Marvin was visiting? Ya just never know with him…
No news on the on-line saga.  No photos from Liam Neeson and while 176 guys have viewed my my human’s profile, there have been no really great potential dates just yet.  I think she needs to put in more photos of us…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days:  100!!!!!!  Time to parteeeeeeee!!!!

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