July 30.  Today, accord the crazy calendar is International Day of Friendship.  And my goodness- the internet has certainly opened up a whole new world of international friends.  On Facebook, for example, when people have common interests like PONs or Picards or antiques or ferrets or sports or cars or porcupines- they can “meet” like-minded individuals from around the world – and can become “friends.” There is no shortage of pet related sites where you can meet “friends” who are interested in training dogs, people who want to talk about dog food,  people who want to talk about showing dogs and people who want to talk about dog health conditions.

There are of course lots of personal dog pages, like mine- and we have made all kinds of “friends “ through my site and my blog.  My human has had the opportunity to actually meet some of these virtual friends from the US, and across England,  the Channel Islands, Scotland, Wales , the Netherlands, and France, (when she went to Crufts).  We will be meeting a virtual Picard buddy in a few weeks who will be visiting Nova Scotia from the US.  We are looking forward to that!!!
I looked at my blog readership the other day, and I see that in addition to the folks listed above, people in the following countries read about our crazy adventures:  Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, South Africa, Poland, Philippines, Peru, Malaysia, Japan, Germany,Australia, Italy and Austria. Some of these are our “friends “ and some are silent lurkers.
If humans are lucky, they have a couple of real, true friends, who can be counted on through thick and thin. It’s important to treasure those individuals.  
And then of course, you humans know who your very best friends are –  us canines!! We are there for you when you are happy, when you are sad, when you are tired, when you take us for a walk, when you come out of the bathroom and when you get up in the morning and look downright scary.  But we don’t care how you look – or what we do- we just like being with you. Because that’s what’s friends are for!!
Happy day to all my international friends- whether or not we have ever even met!  Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days:  69

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