Cool old dog stuff

My human got a gift the other day.  Just because.  No special occasion.  But because she has some good friends who know about her passion for old dog “stuff.” So her friends happened to come upon a yard sale and spotted some things they thought my human might like.  And one of them was this framed photo,

We don’t know who this girl is.  Or exactly how old the photo is – but I am willing to guess it is a few years older than my human.  Which means it is really old.
The girl sure looks like she loves her dog.  And he looks pretty serious about his role as protector.  I’m not sure if the stuff on the floor is dog toys or child toys.  It kind of reminds  me of what our house looks like – so I think they are dog toys. If anyone knows who she is, let me know….
Just think.  Some day a hundred years from now, somebody will find 25,000 photos of two PONs and a Picard, and will wonder who they were. And why the human took SO many photos!  That’s probably an underestimation.  It will probably be closer to 100,000 photos. 
My human also got this cool statue to add to her collection – also from the same friends.  Another girl and her dog. 

Aren’t they cute?!

On a different note, while we are happy for summertime, I must confess we are a bit bored. It is currently so hot and muggy during the day that we don’t even go out. My human doesn’t even want to play fetch with us, for fear we will get overheated. We get our walks in the morning at 5:30 and our evening walks – but that’s about it.  We lounge around, pant and drink water.  Lots of water. I know I shouldn’t be complaining – we aren’t looking forward to the luge run driveway – but just a TINY break in the heat would be nice.  I NEED to fetch.  Heck.  With this heat, I almost feel like swimming.  Sure I do….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up,
Seizure free days: 68

One thought on “Cool old dog stuff

  1. Greetings Viktor. I see your human got a really old picture; I found this same picture today at a flea market. It was framed and I was a little disappointed when I saw \”good morning\” was printed at the bottom. The dog might have been a little famous at some point, but I bet he didn't have his own blog.


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