Who is smarter?

So here is evidence that food outweighs intelligence in us PONs.

We PONs are smart.  Super smart.  We can figure out puzzles, plan and execute escapes and we learn tricks in lightning speed – if treats are involved.  And they say we never forget.  But every day I watch Einstein and he does something that doesn’t appear he has learned something. Or that he is very bright.  Every day, every meal, we are fed the SAME way.  We each have our own meal location- and because the picky Picard is slower than us vacuum-PONs, he is fed in the front hall, with the door closed.  But we can see him because it’s a glass door.  And every single meal, my human looks to see if he has finished his meal, or if there are leftovers.  If there are leftovers, she holds back Einstein who is drooling at the door, she goes in and picks up the bowl.  We are never allowed his leftovers.  Ever.  So – if my human just opens the door, the bowl is empty.  Completely, totally empty.  I mean I’m talking not a crumb. And you would think Mr. Intelligentsia would KNOW the difference.  Door open equals no food.  Nope.  Einstein bursts through like there is a huge sirloin steak just sitting right there in the open.  EVERY time.  Now I confess, he is a bit smarter than me – but seriously- I don’t throw myself into that hall like I haven’t eaten in 3 weeks.  I know there is nothing there.  Sure – I’ll look around to see if he dropped a kibble, but I sure as heck don’t bolt into the room like I have been told there will be no more food for a week.  It’s crazy!
So I’m thinking…I have a blog.  I run away but always come back.  I don’t burst into a hallway for an empty bowl.  Maybe I’M the smarter one!!! Mind you, I DO eat dryer lint…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 63

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