Could have. Should have.

Today according to the Crazy Calendar is “Toss Away the Could Haves and Should Haves Day.”  This is 100% a day that is a purely human holiday.  Humans play the “could have” and “should have” game ALL the time.  They ponder the past.  They berate themselves for something they could have done, but didn’t.  They probably spend more time thinking about things they can’t change than they do thinking about living in the moment.  And enjoying that moment.

Unlike us dogs.  We are pretty much here and now kinds of creatures.  Sure – we do have memories that are imprinted in our brains. And we DO remember people and places and smells.  AND routines.  
But trust me.  Although I DO discuss my occasional lapse in manners and my odd bad behavior,  I REALLY don’t spend time thinking about could haves and should haves.  None of us dogs do.  And that’s probably why you don’t hear about lots of dogs having high blood pressure.  Or ulcers.  
It’s not to say one shouldn’t learn from past experiences- but as they say, once the front door is left open and the PON runs out,  no point in grumbling about it.  Just go and get the PON and take him for a walk!  Get over it!  Enjoy the sunshine.  Get some exercise. No point spending a half hour moaning that you  should have latched the front door.  Besides, Einstein would have probably opened it anyway!
So today all you past minded humans- give your mind a rest.  Enjoy every now moment.  Basically…act like a dog.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days:  60!!!!!

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