So according to the Crazy Calendar, today is Nap Day.  Really.  Hello?  EVERY day is Nap Day for us canines.  Did you know the average dog sleeps 12-14 hours each day?  That includes the time our human is sleeping and then all the naps we take during the day.  Here is a very cool Infographic that explains dog sleep:

You see that 45% of dogs sleep in their human’s bed.  My human only recently left her sleeping post on the couch and returned to her bed.  Where she is joined by one or more of us throughout the night.  Actually, it has been a bit warm lately – so all of us have actually preferred to sleep on the floor.  She can only leave the pillows she is using on the bed – for fear one of us (namely me) will chew on any extra pillows.  It’s a bit tricky to chew on pillows  while she is actually using them.

My human LOVES to nap – although she rarely does – she seems to always be busy, lately.  But really, she can pretty much fall asleep anywhere.  He colleagues at work often remarked that they don’t enjoy her company while flying, because as SOON as her flight rolls away from the gate, she is sound asleep.

The dogs in this house are creatures of habit who wake my human up pretty much at the same time every day.  We know the drill.  And don’t care if it is the weekend.  Surprisingly, the FG is not really a morning dog.  He’s the last to get moving.  Mind you, when he starts, he never stops.

The ONLY time we PONs are slow to get up is when the weather is bad.  Like the other morning.  We heard the torrential downpour so when my human got up, NOBODY moved.  Usually we are doing the morning happy dance.  Nope.  Like statues we all pretended to be asleep.

Today my human ends what she calls a rewarding time at work.  A program comes to an end and while she will be sad to see it over, she IS looking forward to a break.  One more week and come August 1st, she will have time to actually take a nap!!!!!

If we let her….

Happy Friday!  Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 59

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