Pandemonium Day. I am not kidding.

Today is July 14 and according to the crazy calendar, it is Pandemonium Day.  It is supposed to be a day to celebrate being unstuffy, to living in an unorganized, unplanned, uproarious way – for the day, anyway. To bascially “engage your inner child” and feel FREE.  That’s what the website said.

My human laughed HYSTERICALLY when she read this.  Our entire LIFE is Pandemonium  – or what she refers to as PONdemonium.  No two days are EVER the same.  Or calm.  Beginning with someone counter surfing, or Einstein barking out orders, or someone sneaking into the garbage and eating dryer lint, or me standing at the garage door staring at it and willing it to open so I can race in to look for dog food…. Or then we have the FG licking Einsteins’ private parts – while Einstein is at the water bowl sloshing it everywhere – and my human is racing for the squirt gun to stop him.   We have the alarm going off to remind her to give me my pills.  And the staring threesome who drool while waiting for her to share her banana.  After which the FG rubs his face along every cupboard and  wall.  He’s even knocked over chairs while rubbing his face.  And then we have the three of us rolling on the new, clean carpet.  So far the edges have remained intact.  So far.

And all of this has happened BEFORE 7 AM.

And somebody invented a DAY to celebrate being spontaneous?   Let them spend a week with us.  Make that a day.  They’ll be proclaiming the Need for Rest and Silence Day.

Anyway – if you DO live a sedate, organized, calm life – go out and be crazy today.  And if you’re not sure how to do it – give us a call.

Have a good one.  Peace and pawsup!
Seizure free days: 53

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