Canine Crier

It’s Monday, July 9 and it’s International Town Criers Day.  Town Criers have been around since Ancient Greece – announcing everything from proclamations of war, to truces to later announcements about local news and events.  They were eventually replaced by newspapers- and today they serve primarily in a ceremonial role.

I have to share news about the recently appointed Town Crier for Halifax Olde Town .  He is a young man by the name of Will Brewer.  And Will has made history in Canada being the first Town Crier who happens to have Down Syndrome.  He is excited about his new role – and it’s great to see special individuals being recognized for their skills.  Oyez Will – well done.
Now they just need a canine designate for a Town Crier, too.  And we ALL know who would win.  Hands down.  Einstein.  My human has just begun to realize how vocally demanding he is.  Sometimes I think when you live with it all the time, you don’t even notice it any more. I’ve told you before how he barks out meal preparation instructions- AND he barks almost incessantly when my human takes the FG for his morning walk.  My human tries to sneak up on him while he is barking so she can sternly tell him “no,” but he always stops when he hears her coming.  She even tied the FG to a tree halfway up the driveway one day so she could sneak up on Einstein.  She waited silently outside the door,  but he heard her.  So he was quiet… she started to go back up the driveway to get the FG, untied him and the canine Crier again started his proclamation. She raced back down the driveway. And he stopped.  Someone should video those two.
Well I am happy to announce that the deck is DONE.  Thanks to two great friends, who seem to enjoy painting – my human is happy once again.  The deck has a new coat of solid stain and looks marvelous.  And no paws prints through wet stain.  Now we get to see who will be the first to pee on it…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 48

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