Ordinary days

For all my loyal blog followers, you know that I share our stories daily.  And let’s face it – we three canines provide plenty of material to write about.  And when we aren’t being bad (rarely) we share history and crazy events that all include some connection to dogs.  But every now and then we have an ordinary day – and the world news is either too dismal to share, or nothing overly cool has occurred in canine circles.

And today is one of those ordinary days. No bears.  No chewed carpets (so far…).  No  counter surfing escapades.   No grooming torture.  Pretty ordinary stuff.  
Although there IS something to celebrate- and something that I was actually nervous about writing- for fear of jinxing things.  It’s my counter.  Several of you have noticed that we are up to 46 seizure-free days.  Which is a record – given that the longest stretch in quite a few months had been 42 days.  It seems we have found the right combination of drugs for me – including my CBD oil.   The difficult thing about epilepsy is the “right” combination can vary from dog to dog.  And we all know that things can change in an instant – so we are happy about each and every seizure-free day.
A kind list member on a Facebook page for PONs,  sent us some info about research that is being done on canine epilepsy in Switzerland.  My humaand now has a contact there – and will be contacting them to find out more info.
So today maybe nothing crazy exciting will happen to you.  But that also means that nothing bad happened either!  Sometimes we forget to be grateful for “ordinary” days.   And when you think about it – ordinary can actually be quite extraordinary!!
Have a good, ordinary day. Peace and paws up.
Seizure free days: 46

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