Vet news

Well for a change I have some good news.  Some really good news!  The vet called yesterday and said that my blood work was good – and in fact, my liver values improved substantially!   You see, one of the problems with some of the medications for seizures is that they have side effects.  For example, phenobarbital, which is a go-to drug for seizures, can cause liver damage.  And I was on a therapeutic dosage,  but it was quite high.  So when I had blood tests back in January, I was starting to have liver problems. My vet and my human decided to reduce my dosage, and they added a new drug with fewer side effects.  As well, my human has been giving me milk thistle daily – which supports liver function.  So obviously it works!

I’m always reluctant to get too excited about how things are going with my seizures, because it seems that whenever I start thinking we have things under control…bam.  So we just take things a day at a time. 
I think all your positive thoughts and good wishes and even the odd prayer or two DO make a difference.  Keep ‘em coming.  Please.
Have a good one. I know I will!   Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 26 

2 thoughts on “Vet news

  1. Thats great news and positive thoughts always going your way! We had a scare this week with our Billie Jean. My sister rushed her back from New Brunswick (where she has been living the retired life for 2 years) to Metro Animal Emergency. She had been seen by a Vet in NB and was being treated for pneumonia. The evening we took her in we were advised to expect the worse (the Big C). However x-ray report noted she has Lung Worm! This is not the first time BJ's easting habits have gotten her into trouble. Anyway we're hoping today all the treatments are working and she will be released.


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