To the Vet

I went to the Vet last night.  But don’t panic – it was for routine blood work.  My human busted in the house after work, told us to pee pronto, and then whisked me onto the grooming table for a 30 second brushing and she put a clip in my hair.  Because apparently one must look good at the vet. It was at that point that I realized something was up.  She opened the door and told me to head for the car. I had not figured out our destination  so I happily jumped in the crate –  thinking we were going somewhere fun. Wrong.

When we got to the vet, she parked and opened the back hatch so I would have air.   She had strategically parked so she could watch me and Ludwig while she went in.  Being the neurotic human she is, she doesn’t like to have us waiting in the waiting room.  Like most normal people do.  No. She tells the staff we are there and then waits to bring us in.  Why you ask?  Because we are bad? Nope.  Because she doesn’t want us picking up any weird germs in the waiting area.  I’m serious.   AND she also has noticed that many pet owning humans lose all sense of common sense in vet waiting areas – and they let Fluffy Magoo go to meet EVERYONE – because he is friendly. Well maybe not everyone LIKES Fluffy Magoo.  All of the canines in this house ARE good with dogs – but one never knows how another dog is feeling in a vet waiting area.  
Once I was called in, she got me and said she would come in the back while they drew blood.  She plopped me on the table and they went to take blood from my back leg.  My human fed me while they did the deed and frankly, I never even realized it happened- it was so quick.  Gotta love a good vet tech!
When I got home, Einstein and the FG had to sniff me all over.  It seems in the 3 minutes I was in the place I managed to still pick up vet smell. 
We should find out today if I am still alive. I’m feeling pretty good so I’m optimistic that I’m doing just fine.  I’ll be sure to let you know!
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 25

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