Dryer lint and poop protest

I did it again.  Might as well confess, because my human will no doubt tell people anyway.  My human left the door  to the Landry room unlatched.  Not wide open.  Just unlatched.  And I knew it.  So I pushed the door and I was in.  I headed straight for the trash can.  Where I found a great surprise- a huge fistful of dryer lint.  I know we have talked about this before.  But my human remains stumped as to why I find it so delectable.  I love it.  In fact,  I think they should make it an ice cream flavor.  Why not? I mean if you can get flavors like Brown Butter Bacon or Curry Mint – why not dryer lint?  Who do I call at Haagen Dazs? 

Yesterday morning we got my human up at our usual week day time of 5AM.  She was not impressed.  In fact, she decided to take each of us out one at a time- around our trail to the lake.  She was feeling too lazy to walk all the way up the road to the public trail. So she took me first, expecting that I would do my business quickly. She wanted all of us to go, so she could go back to bed. Well I knew her plan. And I was not impressed.  We went around the loop- but I refused to poop. We went around again.  No poop. Despite her pleas to “hurry up.”  She went in the house and got Einstein to go around with us the next time.  He dutifully pooped immediately.  Not me.  I wanted to go up the road .  So we did.  But she only went half way.  And I refused to poop.  She went again half way.  And no poop. By this point she was getting annoyed. If she had simply taken us up the road the first time, I probably would have gone. She took us home, put me in the car, drove up the road to the trail and took me out. At which point I had a ginormous poop. She begrudgingly mumbled “good boy”, gave me a treat, marched  me back to the car and drove home. And then she got to take the FG out.  Good times.
She continued to work on the deck  yesterday.  How boring. We don’t care what it looks like – we’ll pee anywhere. Even though we are not REALLY supposed to pee on the deck. I have a feeling that after she finishes this job ( In November at this rate) she will be watching us like a hawk – squirt gun in hand. Great fun…
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 23

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