In triplicate please.

So you know how humans have habits that, at times, they are not even aware that they do?  Like twirl their hair, or bite their nails, or clear their throat.  Sometimes they realize what they are doing, and other times they are not even aware.  Well my human has a habit and it was pointed out to her recently.  She says things in threes.  Like “yes, yes, yes,” or “no, no, no.” It has become a bit of a joke at her work recently.  And WHY you you think she does it?  Why because of us, of course.  She has to give commands all the time – so there is a a continual repetition of everything in triplicate. “Sit, sit sit.” When she is trying to feed us.   “Stay, stay, stay.”  When she is trying to go in the garage or any room where she doesn’t want us to go. “Wait, wait, wait.” When she goes to take her shower or take the garbage out. The warning “Off, off, off.” When we are counter surfing. And the famous “Treat, treat, treat.” In a futile attempt to get us to return when we are running away OR when she is trying to take a photo. There’s also the famous “Hey, hey, hey” and also multiple repetitions of our names – “Viktor, Viktor, Viktor.”  Because we never respond to our name on the first call.  Mind you, there is also the El-Fro-Viktor. And the Fro-Vik-Elroy. And Vik-El-Frodo.  That’s when she is JUST trying to call one of us- but we get the three dog combo.  Often followed by “whatever your name is.”

And then she gets mad at Einstein when he barks repeatedly.  He is just following her lead!  
It’s Saturday and time for some extra long walks.  Excuse me now while I “Go, go, go!” Bye bye bye.
Have a good one! Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 22

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