Good and bad. Happy and sad.

Life is just so interesting.  Something can happen that is both happy and sad at the same time.  Take for example a video that was released that just went viral.  It involves a family who has been “raising” a caterpillar for weeks – until it turned into a beautiful butterfly.  The family all gather around to release the butterfly into the wild – where it will be free and can fly and can spread pollen and joy and live a carefree life.  Oh happy day!  EXCEPT – less than 2 seconds after said butterfly is released, the butterfly is promptly eaten by the family Boxer.  So sad…  But SO hysterically funny!!!!!!!!!!!

In the same vein, my human had a posting placed on her Facebook page by one of our wonderful neighbors.  It was a sign that you can buy which reads:

Crazy Dogs Live Here
Do NOT knock.
They will bark. 
I will yell. 
Things will get ugly.   
 Now THAT is funny.  And my human likes the fact that because these signs are available, we are not the ONLY crazy dog husehold.   And she laughed and laughed.  And then she went uh-oh.  It was a NEIGHBOR who posted this….  
At least we provide entertainment.  And just THINK how happy they are they they don’t live with us!

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
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