June 6.  And it’s Russian Language Day.  I don’t know any Russian.  I know English but often pretend I don’t.  My human has attempted to teach me “sit” in Polish – but besides that and a few choice vocabulary words, her Polish is limited.

But since it IS a Russian day – time to look at some Russian dogs.  When I think of Russian dogs, the first two that come to my mind are the Borzoi (or Russian wolfhound) and the Black Russian Terrier.  I forgot about the Siberian Husky and the Samoyed.  OK.  I must confess I didn’t even realize the Samoyed came from Russia.

Here’s a QUICK video of some of the Russian breeds just mentioned and a few others that are less common – at least in North America:

And then I also found the South Russian Ovcharka.  Check out these bad boys.   They look like PONs on steriods.

My human saw this an immediately started looking to see where she could get one.  JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!   CAN you IMAGINE one of these guys in our house?  They look to be a BIT stubborn.  Like us PONs (and somewhat like the FG at times).  But THESE guys would be a LOT more dog to handle.  No. Thank. You.  We have QUITE enough stubbornness in this household already.  If anyone out there actually is owned by one of these dogs, feel free to comment about them.  They DO look cool (because, as I said,  they look like giant PONs)….

 Anyway, I was going to type something in Russian by changing the font on my keyboard, but my human explained that with our luck, we wouldn’t be able to change it back again.  Then imagine my human trying to explain to the people at Apple that we were having trouble getting out of Russian don’t because  her dog wrote some phrase in his blog.  THAT would go over well.  So intsead, we cut and pasted this from a website.  HOPEFULLY it says “Have a nice day.” 

Хорошего дня!

If it doesn’t, we’ll just claim there was Russian meddling on my blog….

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

Seizure free days:  19

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