May 20. And according to the crazy calendar, it is Flower Day.  I guess it’s a day to appreciate flowers.  The canines in this household appreciate flowers.  We like to eat dandelions and we will pee on any other flowering plant that dares to grow on our property.  Right now, the mantra is “don’t pee on the lupines.”   Lupines grow wild here and they are coming up like crazy on the part of our property closest to the road.  It started with a few flowers and now they are really spreading.  They will open in a few weeks. My human really likes the tall, cylindrical flowers that come mostly in purple and white, and sometimes also in pink on our property.  And right now, as they are coming up, she struggles to drag  us down the road when we go for a walk, so we don’t stop to water them. 

I’m thinking though, that our watering is really not that bad.  I take as an example, a hosta growing in our yard.  We have LOTS of varieties of hosta, and while many people say they have trouble with deer eating them, it has never been a problem for us.  Anyway, there is one hosta in particular that really gets a LOT of pee showers ALL FALL AND WINTER and right through spring.  And I mean a LOT of pee.  And guess what?  It is looking great and will no doubt be one of the biggest hostas we own.  Obviously our pee did no harm with that plant.  Maybe we could market that hosta as pee resistant.  
Today we have a rainy day forecast.  Not good for us PONs, but my human is quite happy to settle in with a book and relax.  As IF we will EVER let her do that.  I’m banking on some games of Find the Bunny. On the flip side, I hope she doesn’t have any plans for grooming…  Uh oh.  Excuse me while I go and hide…
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure free days: 4

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