My human is pooped out.  No wonder.  She gets up each day at 5AM.  If I don’t get her up before then. I often try around 3 – but she is on to my fake requests and tells me to go back to sleep.  Which I do.  

She is feeling kind of guilty today because she entered the FG in a dog show this weekend.  Actual 4 dog shows.  She paid their entry fees and everything.  But she is pooped.  She has had a very busy time at work the last couple of weeks – so she doesn’t  feel like she has the energy to go to the show.  I’m not sure what the big deal is.  I mean all she has to do is pack the vehicle with everything one needs for a show – grooming table, all kinds of grooming supplies (for a dog who basically needs a brushing.  But one never knows what one will need.)  Water.  Food.  Chair.  Mat for the floor.  Dryer.  In case a flood occurs and she needs to dry him off.  A change of clothing.  In case she drips ketchup from a dog show hotdog on her attire.  Extra shoes.  Crate.  Oh yeah – and then an assortment of leashes and collars.  One to walk the dog into the building.  Another to use in the show ring.  Bait (or treats in real world verancular).  Oh yeah – and then she needs the dog.  Who probably won’t fit in the vehicle with all the other stuff.  

Imagine that she didn’t feel she had the energy to lug all that stuff into the show site.  And then lug it all out the next day.  

Anyway, she still feels guilty because she DOES like to show him.  But his show career will have to wait until later in the summer – when her work is done.

In the meantime, today is also Limerick Day.  And I must confess, I’m reusing these from a previous blog.  I think they are good enough to repeat!

There once was a Polish breed

You cannot forget to feed

PONs will bark to remind you

To eat and to go poo

And will tell you JUST what they need.
There is a very special French breed 
The Picard is made for herding and speed
They love to leap and to run
Their middle name is “fun”
Look out when they are off leash and freed.
And here is a variation on a previous version…

You’ll know right from the start

That we dogs are very smart

We’ ll charm you

Never harm you

And steal a piece of you heart.
I THINK we may even let my human sleep in today.   Then again – she could use the exercise….we shall see….
Have a good one! Peace and pawsup!
Seizure-free days: 10 

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