It’s Friday, so time for some dog trivia that you can share with all your friends on the weekend.  First question – how many US states have official state dogs?  You know what I mean – states have official flowers, trees, etc.  But how many have an official state dog?   The answer: 12.  That surprised me.  I thought there would be more.  Now let’s see if you can figure out some of the the breeds that go with the states.  Let’s start with some easy examples…

1.  Alaska
2.  Massachusetts 
3.  Virginia.  Hint: George Washington was instrumental in starting this breed.
4.  Wisconsin.  Hint: a state with LOTS of lakes would have this American hunting breed.
OK.  Now these are tricky.  
5.  Pennsylvania.  Some say the head of this giant breed looks like the shape of the state.  Others say that William Penn who founded the state just liked these Gentle Giants
6.  Louisiana. Contrary to the name of the breed, they did not hunt for these big cats.
7.  South Carolina.  This bred originated there!  It is a type of spaniel.
8.  New Hampshire.  This sledding breed is said to have descended from dogs used by Adrmiral Perry in his travel to the North Pole.
9.  Maryland.  This sporting breed is named after a Bay in the state.
10. North Carolina. This hound descended from hounds in Germany that used to hunt wild boar. They have a rather conniving name.
So how do you think you did? If you get all of them correct, you are an extreme dog trivia expert.  Here are your answers:
1.  Alaskan Malamute 
2.  Boston terrier
3.  American Foxhound
4.  American Water Spaniel
5.  Great Dane
6.  Catahoula Leopard Dog
7.  Boykin Spaniel
8.  Chinook
9.  Chesapeake Bay Retriever
10. Plott Hound
Nova Scotia has an official dog. The Polish Lowland Sheepdog. JUST kidding.  The Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.  They give them away free to tourists when you come to visit.  JUST KIDDING AGAIN.  I don’t want all the Toller  people getting mad at me – they are some of my most loyal blog readers.  
Anyway, feel free to share that trivia with your friends .  You will look very dog saaavy if you do.  
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!  Let the weekend begin!!!
Seizure-free days:  9

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