The morning….

Picture this idyllic scene…

It is a Spring morning.  The air is still crisp as the sun begins to rise.  There is a fine mist which the sunlight beams through.   The world is quiet, except for the birds who are chirping and calling their joyful “Good Morning” song.  There is dew on branches,  and all the trees have buds beginning to burst open.  The stream along the trail rushes along.  Two PONs silently walk along the trail, smelling the ground for traces of wildlife who had been there before them.  Their human breathes in the fresh air and is ready to begin a new day.  They walk and walk.

They decide to traverse the golf course on the way home.  They actually see a rabbit on the fairway, but for some reason, the PONs just watch as he runs away.  (Mind you, they ARE on a leash.)  They continue along and pass two ducks silently swimming across a pond.   There is no wind and it is a PERFECT morning.  PERFECT.

They reach the road, and continue on toward home.  And then, in the blink of an eye, the idyllic, mystical world changes.  A neighbor comes up his driveway, with garbage to leave at roadside.  And THAT is when heaven on earth becomes the quick road to hell.  Because the peace and solitude of the morning is broken – actually make that SMASHED – by a PON who explodes at the sight of the neighbor.   Everyone within a five mile radius is now, no doubt, awakened (at 5:35AM) by the sound of the PON turned Cujo.  And of course, this is one of two neighbors who is not EXACTLY enamoured by dogs.

As my human tries to put on her happy face greeting and explains the typical “he is just saying hello” the neighbor sidesteps the whirling dervish on the end of the leash.  Luckily yours truly doesn’t make a sound.   My human tries to say a few words over the sound of the PONerator, while she is dragging him down the street.  She weakly waves good-bye.   No point- the neighbor isn’t looking.  She, of course, tells Einstein that his behavior is unacceptable.  Blah-blah-blah.  He rolls his eyes.  I just want to get home for breakfast.

And then she gets to take the FG out…Luckily, THAT walk was uneventful.  For a change.  Thank goodness for small miracles…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
 Seizure-free days: 8

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