Play NICE!!!

OK.  The FG needs to learn how to play nice.  Or he won’t have any friends…

Yesterday morning, my human made arrangements to meet our neighbor and Jackson to go for a walk on the golf course just after the sun came up. My human knows that if she wants a “relaxing walk” she should take me and/or Einstein- because we run around but generally stay close (unless there is a bunny…) and we are very well behaved with Jackson and his human.  But my human figured that since I had over 5km of walking the day before, AND the FG really needed some exercise, she should take him.  So much for relaxing…
Remember that Jackson aka Pig Pen is a Lab so like a magnet to a dog tag, no body of water can be passed by.  And for Pig Pen, the muckier , the better.  My human made the FG stay on his leash for the first part of the trail, where there are many mucky spots.  But once they got up to the golf course, both canines were let off leash.  And Pig Pen went in every pond, followed by his sidekick.  Now keep in mind that the wild child had not seen his buddy in quite a while.  And they were both happy to run and chase one another.  Which was fine for a bit.  But then Cujo appeared. That’s when the FG gets a little TOO rambunctious in his play and he attempts to grab poor Pig Pen’s tail.  And the FG races around him. Resulting in Pig Pen running toward my human for help. And then my human has to try and catch the FG as he circles around both of them.  It’s like he goes totally nutso.  Which eventually results in my human grabbing him by the collar and walking him on leash.  The thing is, if Pig Pen would tell him off, like we PONs do (so well!) , the FG would probably stop.  But Pig Pen is sooooooooo very sweet and nice- he never tells the FG to stop.  
I think the FG needs a porcupine as a playmate.  That would teach him not to bite tails!  Mind you, I had better take that back.  That’s ALL my human needs!  Maybe he will start to behave when he turns 2.  Fat chance – his birthday is right around the corner.  Maybe age 3….or 10.
Have a good one. Peace and paws up!
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