Well it seems the FG is able to discriminate wildfowl- and he has decided which type he would like to herd – or at least chase- and what type is just fun to watch.  Luckily for my human – they encountered some that he just likes to watch- otherwise they could have both been having an early morning swim…

You see the FG likes to chase geese.  The bigger,  the better is his motto.  If my human spots them in the distance, she needs to hold on tight.  He loves to see them take flight.  Or maybe he is just interested in some goose foie gras…
But ducks are thankfully not so interesting. Yesterday morning as they were out for their walk on the golf course just after sunrise, the FG spotted two ducks on a pond.  So being our resident ornithologist, he had to stop to watch them. Right at water’s edge.  Well these two ducks must be accustomed to people – because instead of swimming away, they headed right for my human and the FG.  And they came within 10 feet of them.  My human stood there without moving a muscle for fear it would send the FG into a duck hunt- with both of them ending up in the pond.  But miracle of miracles.  He just watched them.  Then looked at my human as if to say “OK, good enough” and off they went to continue their walk.
My human breathed a sigh of relief.  You just never know what the FG will do.  Or any of us canines for that matter.  And that’s what keeps things interesting! Oh and don’t bother to try to find the ducks in this photo.  My human didn’t dare attempt to move, let alone get a photo.  But this shot gives you the idea.  I should have drawn in the ducks….
Have a good one!  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 1

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