So Einstein has this newish behavior that is driving my human bonkers.  It happens at one of two times -either at night when my human is standing outside in the cold wearing her pajamas just before bedtime OR when she takes us out before she is rushing off somewhere- like before heading to work.  It is during those times that Einstein cannot make a pee-cision.  He cannot figure out WHERE he wants to pee.  My human has figured out that HE has figured out that she wants him to pee quickly – so he does just the opposite.  He sniffs.  He walks back and forth.  He even starts to lift his leg.  And then he changes his mind. He can’t (or won’t) pee-cide where to go – leaving her to repeatedly beg “Go pee. Go pee. GO PEE.”  He looks at her.  Walks back and forth like he is going to produce results.  And then he looks around and attempts to drag her elsewhere.  Einstein KNOWS she can’t do anything about his inability to make a pee-cision.  Well, not an inability- it’s more like a refusal. Because take him for a walk and he has no problem sniffing and peeing where every dog on our road had peed.  He just doesn’t like to be rushed.  This IS an important decision after all.

Meanwhile, the FG can’t WAIT to pee and lick where we have gone.  While my human is dragging him away.  “Now don’t you even THINK about licking my face” she tells him.
And as for me?  I’m the power pee-er. I go quickly and during rushed times, I’m happy to do my thing and get back in the house because I know treats await. I have no problem pee-ciding.
It’s fun when “the good dog” is bad.  Keeps this place a level playing field!
Have a good one! Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 0. Sadly, back to square one.

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