Purebred Dog Day

It’s May 1 – and what day is it? National Purebred Dog Day.  Now last year I wrote a pretty long blog about purebred dogs –  and why responsible breeding is SO important.  Otherwise, purebred dogs could go the way of the dinosaur – if we don’t watch out!

I’ve actually written about that topic several times.  We need to get the “Save the Whales” people to start promoting “Save the Dogs.”  And I’m not joking.  I had better not get started on this topic – as it could end up in a rant – and this should be a day of celebration!
So to celebrate, I have tried to find some of THE most challenging dog trivia quizzes on the net.  Like this one.  My human thought it would be easy-peasy – you just have to decide it it is a dog breed or a world capital.  She thought she would get 100%.  Nope.  Close – but not 100%.  Check it out:
Here is a quiz where you have to identify breeds.  She did pretty well on this one – but it’s not super simple – who knew there were so many hairless breeds…
And here is a medium difficulty quiz – for fun.  They say if you get more than 75% you are a dog lover.  Good luck.  But don’t worry if you don’t get 75% – just by reading this crazy blog you CLEARLY classify as a dog lover!
So today we better be getting some extra treats because it IS our day.  Mind you” in this house, every day is OUR day!
Have a good one!   Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 22

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