A horrible story…

OK.  It’s time to share a really horrible story.  Einstein and I were bad.  REALLY bad.  And well, I started it.  It was my idea.  I might as well confess.  I’m hoping I get less time if I plead guilty.

On Sunday night, my human was doing some housecleaning and she went to put something in the bedroom.  She closed the door and then got distracted reading something.  She was reading for a bit, and then thought to herself that it was rather quiet in the house.  She came out of the bedroom and as she was coming down the hallway – saw Einstein RUN from the front hallway – with his tail between his legs.  “Uh-oh” she thought.  She went into the hall and noticed that the front hall closet door was open and a PON butt was visible.  She approached and realized what was happening…

For Christmas, my human got a lovely down coat from her mother as a gift.  It was PERFECT – the length, the size and the color.  My human LOVED that coat…

Well, unfortunatley….she left some kibble in the pockets when she took us out on our walk.  As she approached the closet – she saw the coat on the floor.  At first glance it didn’t appear too bad.  But as she picked it up…well…the entire lining which included the pockets was shredded.  The  pockets were GONE.  Completely gone.  And then she noted some puncture wounds in the shell which now had down coming out. 

I’m sure that neighbors within a 5 km radius could hear her mournful “WHAT did you DO?”  Einstein and I actually felt badly this time. I think we DID go a bit too far…

My human spent the rest of the evening searching for the exact same coat on the internet.  I THINK she found it…and she ordered it on Amazon.  She is waiting for it to arrive…

Countersurfing aside, this act was really not cool.  I’ve been walking around with a sad apologetic expression since then.  That’s probably why I was SO nice when Mighty Milo arrived – and I didn’t take off in the woods.   I think we had better be good for quite a while.  Well at least until Friday.   Good thing she didn’t put us up for adoption…We are very lucky dogs….

Have a good one.  Stay out of closets.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure-free days: 12

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