April 13.  Friday the 13th.  I hope none of you reading this have Triskaidekaphobia.  That’s a fear of the number 13.   I don’t have that.  I just have a fear of running out of treats…  

Anyway, wouldn’t Triskaidekaphobia be a great SCRABBLE word?  If you could have that many lettters.   And speaking of SCRABBLE,  according to the crazy calendar, today is SCRABBLE day!  

So…in honor of SCRABBLE day, here are some “dog” words for you.   I will provide definitions – and some examples of their use in a sentence:

hangdog:  shamefaced, guilty or downcast.    Einstein appeared hangdog after he countersurfed my human’s toast when she turned her back at breakfast time.  

doggone:  to damn; an exclamation of annoyance. Doggone it! Two PONs and a Picard burst out of the front door and ran into the woods.  (Something my human might say…)

doggish: surly or gruff.   Einstein acts very doggish when the FG plays Poke-a-PON. 

overdog: one that has a significant advantage.   The FG is an overdog when it comes to countersurfing- because he is so tall! 

dogtrotted:  to move at a steady trot.   The two PONs dogtrotted over to the neighbor’s house, ignoring the shouts of their human. 

dogdom:  the world of dogs or dog fanciers.  It is really not my human’s house…it is our dogdom. 

And lastly in our SCRABBLE game, how many words do you think you can make from the word “canine?”    26!   (Some of which I have never heard of before).  Go ahead – good luck!  I’ll print the answers below.

Have a good one. Peace and paws up!

Seizure-free days: 8

canine:    cannie  encina  inane   nance   acne   cain   cane   cine   nice   nine   ace   ain   ane  ani   can   ice   inn   nae   nan   ae   ai   an   en   in   na   ne (Who KNEW an ai was a sloth?!  I clearly need to watch more of the Animal Planet channel).




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