Are you mad?

So here’s an interesting story,  published in Reader’s Digest.  “15 Signs  your dog is secretly mad at you.” 

Let’s take a look and see if any of the canines in this house  show signs of being angry…

  • His ears show he is ~unimpressed~.   OK.  I must say that the FG does weirdo things with his ears – but ONLY when he is having his picture taken.  And NO WONDER. We live with the queen of “puparazzi” – who NEVER misses a chance to take a photo of us.  She has…get ready…over 38,000 photos in some “cloud.”  And probably 37,842 are dog photos.  No WONDER his ears go sideways when she says “smile.”
  • He’s got a case of the yawns.  Nope.  Rarely happens although SOMETIMES when we are doing obedience training (which has been RARE in the past year), Einstein will yawn.  Some say yawning can also be a sign of stress.  If you know Einstein, it is NOT stress.  And he’s not mad.  It’s just boredom.  My human is too slow at training.  He needs SPEED in training. No wonder he yawns..
  • He keeps licking her lips and there’s no food nearby.  OK, that could be me.  But I’m not mad – I’m just plain hungry.  Which is pretty much 24 hours a day…
  • He won’t look you in the eye. This is more a GUILT look than a mad look.  Like after countersurfing….
  • He absolutely refuses to sit and stay.  This is just plain old bad behavior!  Mind you, it does happen more when being asked to stay and have a photo taken…during which we ARE a bit mad.  Unless the treats are good…
  • His back goes rigid and his body is stiff.  That’s one we never do here.  Along with His tail is tucked and still.  Never happens.
  • The whites of his eyes are showing.  Nah.  Unless we are rolling them about something crazy my human has said…
  • He is cowering behind the sofa. Nah. Never happens.  Although Gumby Einstein DOES like to put himself in all kinds of contorted positions under and behind furntiture.  But it has nothing to do with being mad.
  • He lets out a primal growl.  NEVER, EVER with my human.  Although Einstein will growl at the FG when the FG is playing Poke-A-PON.  With good reason.
  •  He goes into beast mode.  This refers to a SUPER aggressive stance.   That never, ever, EVER has happened in this household.  We’d be looking for a new home if we did!!!
  • He tells you — loudly.  OK, Einstein is vocal.  VERY vocal.  But he’s not MAD.  He just likes to bark out orders.  ALL the time…
  •  He groans like an old man with kids on his lawn.  I’m a groaner when I get up in the morning and I stretch, but I’m not mad.  Now Einstein DOES groan when being groomed – but I think that’s just drama.  He stops INSTANTLY when the treats emerge.
  • He pees in your shoes.  Now I’ve HEARD that dogs do this – AND I have even heard about dogs peeing on their human’s bed when they are mad.  My human had a Lab that puked in her shoe, but none of us have ever peed in her shoes.  Personally, I think that’s going a BIT too far…
  • He stays just out of arm’s reach. Well that’s definitely an FG move – but really, he’s not MAD, just BAD. 

 So overall, it dosen’t look like the dogs in THIS household are mad very much.  Except when it comes to photos.  And that is reasonable.  Nah.  We might be BAD but rarely mad.  UNLESS you define mad as “crazy”.  And then…well that’s a different story…

Have a good one.
Peace and paws up.

Seizure-free days: 8 









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