April 8.  And an important day.  Dog Farting Awareness Day.  One of my favourites.  I must confess, I had to look back and see if I wrote about this topic before.  And of course I did.  It’s kind of hard to top this blog with the blooper photos…


I recall that my human’s mother thought that particular blog post stunk.  Pun intended.  She said “who wants to read about dog farts?”  Dog people do. Because some of us dogs are experts in the area.  I tried to see if there is a Guinness Record for dog farts.  Nope. I found records for tallest dog, heaviest dog, longest ears on a dog, dog able to hold the most tennis balls, biggest vocabulary – but no farts.  Humans have us beat this time. There IS a human record.  Seriously.  Would you like to be the person claiming THAT record?  And come on – I know you are wondering how long.  Aren’t you?  2 minutes and 42 seconds. Eeeeeewwwww.  The guy must have eaten a LOT of beans…

On a more scientific note – here’s a video about dog flatulence.  And I can attest to the part that mentions eating cheese – with our recent counter surfing episode…

You know, there are couple of guys who wrote a BOOK about fart terms.  Ben Applebaum and Dan DiSorbo, have a book available on Amazon.  Really.  And I have to share just a few of my favourite synonyms that they have listed…air biscuit, fluffer, fizzler, fanny beep, back draft, power puff and this unusual one – air tulip.  There are at least 150 terms.  Who knew?
Anyway, I guess I have “passed” along enough info on this topic. Right now my human’s mother is up there shaking her head.  And probably cracking a smile.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure-free days: 2

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