Nature sounds

Today is April 7, and according to the crazy calendar, it is also International Beaver day.  The beaver, which happens to be the symbol of Canada, is a large rodent with a flat tail, who likes to build dams – and create lakes and ponds.  And while they CAN be benficial in restoring wetlands, they can also make a bit of a mess by taking down trees.  Here’s a video of a tree that two beavers have been working on for a little over 3 weeks.

And I thought the FG was a champion stick chewer – these guys clearly have him beat!

Here is another guy working his way through a smaller tree.  Look out – this one comes down!  And check out how the beaver moves it!

Anyway, as you may recall, we had a beaver down by the lake last year, cutting trees.  But, he disappeared.  Along with the dreaded moles in the back lawn!  I have NO idea where those guys went either, but my human was happy to see them go.  Remember how she was looking for terriers to borrow?  Guess they heard and moved on.  They must read my blog.

And speaking of wildlife, my human and the FG heard a strange sound the past couple of weeks.  The FG is big on nature sounds.  He’s the guy with the supersonic nature hearing.  He never misses a thing.  Einstein and I have better hearing for chesse wrappers.  Or the sound of the treat jar opening.

Anyway, we have figured out the mystery sound.  It seems a pair of pheasants have taken up residency on our property.  My human has seen both the male and the femaile several times. They make QUITE a loud sound.

But in addition to the pheasant call, my human and the FG heard THE best sound yesterday morning.  For my human it is a sound she waits for every year because, for her, it heralds the REAL start of spring.  And the sound is something she finds both haunting and peaceful.  What is it?  The spring garbage truck.  JUST kidding!  It’s the sound of the loons – who have returned to the lake.  They come back every year.  She and the FG heard it yesterday.  He put his ears up and looked at her.  And she smiled.  They are back…Let spring really begin…although it DID snow last night….

Have a goood one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days:1

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