Dyngus Day!

Well Happy Dyngus Day!  Just as my human has piqued an interest in butter lambs,  she is hoping to get people celebrating Dyngus Day.  Any excuse for a party.  What is Dyngus Day you are asking if you are new to my blog?  And not Polish.  Well, it’s holiday in Poland and it is celebrated by Polish Americans as well.  It is not a government holiday – but cities where there are lots of Polish Americans celebrate the day – South Bend,  Chicago, Pittsburgh, to name a few – and the OFFICIAL Dyngus Day capitol of America – and the birthplace of my very own human- Buffalo, New York.

Dyngus day marks the end of Lent – the day after Easter.  Some say that Dyngus Day is to the end of Lent what Mardi Gras is to the beginning of Lent. According to some sources, the pouring of water represents an ancient spring rite of cleansing.  In Poland, men would throw water on girls and also hit them with pussy willows.  Some would also spray them with perfume.  All to get noticed, I understand.  I BET they were noticed.  But not to worry- for those who are crying sexism -because the next day, the women would throw dishes at the men.  Seriously.  I am NOT making this up.  This is REAL.  Just like the butter lamb…
Anyway, today in the US, there are huge celebrations – like those in Buffalo.  We’re talking a parade and EVERYTHING.  I wish I was there – I would be marching for SURE.  I also understand that there is much eating, dancing, and the odd drink. Check out the website!!! 
And be sure to read where the pussywillow got its name. 
I looked at the list of events and I see that Accordion Bill will be making an appearance at the Social Center of my human’s old parish.  And I thought the bagpipes had a unique sound…. Sorry to be missing that performance…. Maybe next year.
In looking through the photos and reading all the events,  I don’t see any with PONs!  We really DO need to go some day.  Now wouldn’t THAT make for an interesting blog…
So today, listen to some polka music and treat yourself to a shot of vodka.  If you are human.  And if you are canine, have a piece of kielbasa.  They say that everybody is Irish on St. Patrick’s day – and everybody is Polish on Dyngus Day!  Na zdrowie! (Which sounds kind of like naz- drove-yeah). And it means PONs are great.  JUST KIDDING- it means cheers!
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 5

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