A good day. Until the end.

Yesterday was a landmark day.  It was HUGE.  My human went back to work.  But that wasn’t the remarkable part.  She went to work….and left all three of us free in the house.  The FG was NOT left in his pony-sized crate.  My human has been leaving us free together for an hour or two here and there – but this is the first time she left us all free while she went to work.  

She was able to keep an eye on us via Big Brother – and at one point she replayed the tape and saw the FG adding some decorative touches to the carpet in the dining room.  You know the one- the carpet that she bought last year to replace the one with the holes, designed by the FG.  This carpet can also be used as an outdoor carpet.  Now before you have visions of that fake green indoor outdoor carpet stuff – let me remind you that this is more like sisal – with a pattern.  And it HAS survived for what must be over a year now.  Anyway, yesterday he did decide to chew the backside of it – which was rather thoughtful as you can’t see it from the right side.  But other than that, the household was peaceful and quiet.  We traded sleeping spots throughout the day, and rotated guard duties.  And when my human came home – well the sound of all three of us barking like mad would keep away any intruders. It actually sounds like a LOT more than three dogs.
I don’t think my human is quite ready to disassemble the pony sized crate just yet – although it will almost double the size of the room when she does take it down.  OK – it doesn’t take up half the room – but I’m not kidding when I say it is pony-sized.  It is so big, it does NOT fit through a doorway.  It has to be disassembled to move it to another room.  So my human WILL be happy to see it moved back to the garage – with the collection of other dog crates in various sizes.  We could outfit anything from a chihuahua to a Great Dane.  We could start our own zoo.  Actually, we already have a zoo,  don’t we?
It’s a short work week for my human – thank goodness.  It is an adjustment going back to work.  But just today and tomorrow and then she is off again.  And we will keep her busy.  But hopefully she has no plans for resurrecting those bunny ears….
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure-free days: 0. Back to square one.  Again.  Which happened right after I finished my blog…My human was so excited that we could all be together during the day and she was starting to feel a bit more confident about me and my seizure control.  Now she’s worried again – and not sure how the FG would react if I had a seizure when we were alone.  Einstein doesn’t pay any attention- but the FG barks and gets curious.  She doesn’t want to see either of us get hurt if I have a seizure.  So …maybe the FG will be sequestered in the hall.  For a while anyway.  Darn.  This is just not fair….

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