Perfect behaviour. Almost.

Yesterday we let my human sleep in until 6:15.  She has a few days off from work as part of her leave time.  She got up and we suggested we go for a good long walk.  She took the FG first and got a text from Jackson’s human asking if we wanted to join him for a walk. It’s been a long time since we have had walks with our Labrador buddy from down the road.  My human agreed – and off Einstein and I went to the golf course to meet our bud.  There was much butt sniffing and wagging of tails.  We were let off leash – and GUESS WHAT?!  We behaved.  Yup.  We didn’t take off, stayed within a good proximity, didn’t follow any scent trails into the woods.  There were a few moments when my human thought I might be eating goose poop (as they have been spotted in the area), but besides that, we were GOOD.  My human chuckled that it only took us 6 and 8 years respectively to reach this good behaviour state.  We even posed for a few photos.

So the moral of the story? Good things come to those who wait. Now we just need to wait another 5 years with the FG… Mind  you, we were good on the walk, but then we DID have a little incident with SOMEONE opening the door to the laundry room, knocking over a garbage can and again eating a HUGE fistful sized wad of dryer lint.  OK.  So maybe our prefect behaviour isn’t all that perfect after all.  But isn’t that what keeps things interesting? 
Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 10

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