Four letter word

Four letter words can refer to those words in the English language that are considered profane.  They can be thought of as ” bad words.”  Well, I have a new word to add to the list.  Something disgusting and having no positive  redeeming qualities.   The word?  TICK.  And believe it or not, although the winter is not officially over, GUESS what we found ON MY HEAD the other day?  A tick!!!

It happened earlier in the week, before we had our most recent snowfall.  Truth be told, we have had a very mild winter this year, with very little snow.  So befor our most recent storm, my human was taking us regularly around on the trail down to the lake.  I can be off leash and so can Einstein – but the FG continues to remain in bondage until his recall is perfected even more.  
Anyway, I like to explore areas off the trail.  But I stay within sight.  
So my human was getting ready to go to the hospital.  She had taken all of us out, and went to get food for our breakfast.  Our bowls were full and as she turned around to put our bowls down, she noticed something on the top of my head.  She felt it and recoiled.  Yup – a big TICK.  My human had heard that they can live all winter – and sure enough – here was proof.  She let me eat my breakfast and then whisked me into the garage – aka surgical suite for tick removal.  She found her trusty surgical supplies – including a tick withdrawal tool and some ointment for my head.  She plucked the offending freeloader off my noggin, put some ointment on the spot and tossed the tick into the bathtub.  My human then removed me from the table, and let me go back into the house.  Her next step was to put the tick in a bag and then smash it to smithereens with a rock.  He was no longer a threat to any animal or human in this household.  She also examined the rest of the crew for any other vagabonds.  Luckily, there were no more. 
So let this be a warning to other Nova Scotian dogs.  Ticks are out there already, waiting for a lift and a free meal.  Check your dogs regularly – or consider a tick preventative for your canine kids.  My human is afraid to give me anything as she worries about putting more drugs in my system.  She also has not given anything to Einstein or the FG – because she hears all kinds of horror stories about the medications for ticks.  And remember, I can’t use any spray containing rosemary as it is a trigger for seizures in some dogs.  WHAT  a conundrum.  We may end up wearing body suits that pretty much cover us from head to toe.  I’m not sure,  though, how we will pee or poop. 
Have a good tick-free day. Oh and Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  Wonder if he could drive the ticks out of Nova Scotia!
Peace and paws up.
Seizure- free days: 5

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