Crufts Day 2

In my excitement to report that a PON placed in the Group at Crufts, I forgot to report other information.  Like the other group winners!  In the Pastoral Group, besides the PON ( did I mention that a PON placed?!). Can you tell I was very excited about that?  Anyway, the Group 1 placement went to the Border Collie ( sure to be a crowd favorite when it comes to Best in Show). Group 2 in Pastoral went to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, third place went to the Smooth Collie and 4th place went to the PON, Hero!

In the Working Group, 1st place went to a Newfoundland, 2nd was the Doberman, 3rd was the Boxer and 4th was the Alaskan Malamute.
In the Terrier Group , 1st was the Scottish terrier , 2nd was the Irish terrier, 3rd was the Jack Russell terrier, and 4th was the Manchester terrier.
In the Hound Group we had in 1st the Whippet,  2nd was the Afghan, 3rd was the Wire-haired Dachshund and 4 th was the Irish Wolfhound.  
I think (besides the PON placing in the group), my favorite video so far was this one.  I could see the FG doing this!!!  
My human said it’s great to see the videos on-line – but she misses seeing the “real thing.”  And of course, the shopping.  So to make herself feel a bit better, she bought some dog things on-line.  Great.  It’s grooming stuff.  Not exactly the kinds of shopping I would do.  I’ll give you my product reviews, once she tries them out- hopefully on Einstein and the FG first!
Have a good one!
Peace and paws up!
Seizure- free days: 12

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