Crufts Day 3

So yesterday was Day 3 at Crufts.  And here are the group winners for Saturday…

Toy Group:
1.  Papillon  or Butterfly dog
2.  Griffon Bruxellois or Brussels Griffon
3.  English Toy Terrier (black and tan) (Isn’t there a drink called a Black and Tan?  Not that I would know..)
4.  Pomeranian or Pom (not to be confused with PON)

Utility Group
1.  Akita
2.  Standard Poodle
3.  Miniature Poodle
4.  Toy Poodle  
Seems like a lot of poodles in that line-up!   Talk about grooming overload.

Today will be the last day and the Grand Finale – Best in Show.  My money is on the Border Collie.   My human looked at some betting sites on-line and the best odds appear to be on the winner of the Gundog group – which hasn’t even been selected as I write this.   That bet is currently tied with the winner of the Hound Group – which would be the Whippet.  I’m still going for the Border Collie.  Have to support my comrades in the Herding group.

And if you thought yesterday’s video was funny – look who is back this year!  It’s Olly! He became an internet sensation last year with his antics on the agility course, and he was back again this year.  Hope his human didn’t spend a LOT of money on training.  If so, I hope she can get a refund.  But Olly continues to have fun!   This article shows the video from last year – and the new one for this year.

I can’t write more today because I lost an hour of sleep last night.  I hope you remembered to set your clock ahead – or you’ll be running late today.

Have a good one.
Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 12


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