Sleep. Or not.

Today is February 28 and it’s also National Public Sleeping Day.  A day for those folks who like to commune with nature and are able to sleep outdoors, in public.  And THAT would be my human.  She could fall asleeep anywhere.  At any time.  Really.  And it may partly be because of me…

You see lately I have started this “new” routine.  I get up every morning around 3AM.  If she is in the DFZ, I go and stare at her through the gate.  Or if she is in her bed, I do the same thing.  I stare.  And she is psychic – so she wakes up.  So then she throws on her fuzzy robe and slippers and takes me out for a pee.  And truthfully, I don’t really need to pee THAT badly.  But when I started this routine, she, in her half alseep state, would come in and give me (and the other stooges) a treat.  Mistake.  BIG mistake.  Because NOW I want to go out – just to get that treat.  It doesn’t matter that the past few nights she hasn’t given me one – it’s the CHANCE that she will forget and will pony up the goods. Kind of like going to a casino, you never know when you might win.

Unfortunately for my human, her sleep patterns are a BIT disturbed by my night time cravings.  So she tries to go to bed earlier.  No problem – I just adjust my staring and try around midnight – which I have done the last few nights.  And then to REALLY make things interesting, some nights I will try TWICE.  But it is CRITICAL to poop on the second outing – that way she can’t get annoyed with me. 

I have a FEELING that she might be on to me.  The other night I actually tried THREE times – at which point she said “VIKTOR YOU ARE FAKING. GO BACK TO BED!!!”  So I did.

Personally, I think sleep is overrated.  Mind you – it might have something to do with the fact that we sleep most of the day.  Wait – let me clarify that.  We sleep in rotation – when we are not doing guard duty.  Sure we do.

Anyway, time for a little pupnap.  Have a good one!

Peace and paws up!

Seizure-free days: 2

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