Dog show. Day 1.

So yesterday my human had to go to work, but we heard some strange noises in the garage before she left.  She was clearly loading up the car – and Einstein and I know the sound well – she was putting in “dog show stuff”.

Getting ready to go to a dog show,  is kind of like going on a HUGE camping trip in a remote destination.  Like Mars.  One must be prepared for EVERYTHING.  Even though this show is taking place about 20 minutes from home.  And in the heart of the city.  But still.  One must have EVERYTHING that one could POSSIBLY need.  Just in case of a nuclear disaster. Or worse – a dog show emergency

First off, you have the crate.  Now SOME of you may recall the whole crate debacle last year at this time.  When my human “repaired” the soft-sided crate by using a hacksaw to cut a pole to keep the crate upright.  It’s a long story.  I’m sure you can find it in my blog archives.  But then she didn’t WANT to leave the FG in a soft-sided crate for fear he would chew his way out.  So she bought ANOTHER hard-sided crate to add to the collection of hard-sided crates we already own.  Well this year, she figured he would be fine in a soft- and she sided crate  The one she repaired last year.  So that was loaded in the vehicle.  Along with the grooming table on wheels.  The one that weighs 400 lbs.  And the big bag with the dryer.  Which she will likely NOT use with the FG – but hey – there could be a flood and she would need to dry him off.  Then you have the folding chair in CASE she EVER decides to sit down.  And then the tack box.  With ALL kinds of brushes, combs, scissors, sprays – most of which she never uses with the shaggy coated FG.  But you NEVER know.  Then there is the bag with HER attire.  Including the special, ugly black shoes that MUST be worn because they have good soles so she won’t slip and fall.  Her dog show attire bag includes an ensemble that MUST have pockets – for dog treats – or what is referred to as “bait.”  I guess showing dogs is like fishing – you never know if you’ll catch the big one, but the better the bait, the better your chances.  Sometimes.  But I digress.  The apparel that one wears MUST have pockets.  Although my humans HAS seen competitors put bait in some unusual places – and some even chew it.  She draws the line there.  Chewing freeze dried liver?  Forget it.

So after work she went to unload the “stuff” at the show site.  Now getting a “spot” at some shows can be like finding good real estate in Manhattan.  It’s very tough to find.  But LUCKILY, she has “friends” – Jerome the Boston and Connor the Old English own two VERY nice humans – who always get to the site even before the doors open.  They are pros at this dog show stuff. So they saved my human some space.  She went in, unloaded her stuff and then came home to get the FG.

Yesterday the FG wasn’t entered in the show.  He just went to this thing called “Meet the Breed.”  So he sits on a table, and people come by and have a chance to meet him.  There was also a nice Rhodesian Ridgeback who was also working the crowd at the same time.  The Meet the Breed area is right by the door as people enter.  And apparently, the FG did a good job as an ambassador for the breed.  He sat on the table, and kissed anyone who wanted a kiss.  One couple in particular was QUITE smitten with him – they said they would come back today to see him in the show.  We’ll see about that.

Today he is entered in the show himself.  My human looked at the “competition” list – and she realizes it is VERY stiff.  But they are going in for FUN.  And no falls or poops in the ring will be considered a success.  And after the competition – he is going back to Meet the Breed.  Again.  He’ll probably be unconscious at that point.  Which could be a bit of false advertising – if people think he is CALM…

So Einstein and I have another quiet day guarding.  Like yesterday, my human took us on extra long walks in the morning.  And we DID get extra treats.  So that works for us!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 42

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