Chinese New Year and GREAT news!!

News flash – Willow has been found!  And she is safe and sound at home.  My human got a late night text from her owner – we don’t know the details yet – she said she would let us know more today. Thanks for all the positive vibes and all who went out looking for her.  There was an army searching – and we are SO happy for this result!!

In other news….accoridng to the Chinese calendar, today marks the beginning of the New Year.   The Chinese zodiac moves in a 12 year cycle, and based on the year in which you were born,  you are under one of 12 animals.  In 2018, it is the Year of the Dog!  Other years of the dog included 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, and 2006.  People born under this sign are said to be conservative, they abide by rules and are full of justice.  They say they are loyal – just like us dogs.  If you want to find out which sign you are under, you can look here.

I’m not a big astrology follower – but if my horoscope says something good is about to happen, I believe in it.  If it is bad news, I think the whole thing is a bunch of whooey.  When I looked at the dates, though, and the corresponding animals, maybe there IS something to this.  For example, I was born under the sign of the RABBIT!  No WONDER I like to chase bunnies.  Einstein was born under the sign of the Tiger.  And let’s face it – he is the MOST ferocious in this house and King of THIS jungle.  And the FG?  Born under the sign of the MONKEY?  HOW appropriate is THAT?  He IS a monkey!

My human says that in THIS house, every year is the Year of the Dog.  She wants to know when we celebrate “Year of the Human Owned by Dogs.”  Never.  Dogs rule.  When is she finally going to understand that?

It’s Friday.  We’re glad for that.  And again SO happy that Willow has been found!

Oh. And one more thing.  My human bought a lottery ticket for tonight – which she RARELY does.  So if…or I should say WHEN you don’t see a blog posting tomorrow, it’s because she won the $55 million.  But don’t worry – I will be posting again – we’ll just need to have a few days to get settled in our new home in Hawaii.  

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.

Seizure-free days: 35

One thought on “Chinese New Year and GREAT news!!

  1. Dear Viktor, if we keep meeting like this my husband's going to get worried. However I write to tell you I was born in the year of the dog. I Rescue and or rehome OESD. Do you think there is any connections within these facts, I promise not to contact you ever again if you promise to be good. I know pigs might fly. Mummy Two.


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