AWOL after an explosion

Well it’s been a while since Einstein and I have been in trouble – so we were really overdue…

It all started with some meaty bones.  My human decided to treat all of us to some meaty kneecap bones on Friday.  And they were REALLY meaty.  But she carefully timed us eating them, as we know what can happen with too much of a good thing.  She set a timer and at the half hour mark, traded us a treat for a bone.  Personally I grabbed the treat and then tried to grab the bone back – but no luck.  Einstein and the FG gave up their bones and we then proceeded to roll on the carpet and the FG proceeded to wipe his face on the cupboard doors – with my human following behind him, cleaning surfaces  with some antiseptic wipes.

Thursday night, we slept through, but I wanted to go out at 5AM.  My human got up, took all of us out, we did our business, she fed us our breakfast and she went back to sleep.  The FG, though, was now wide awake – and started squeaking for me to play with him.  Which I rarely do – but he kept trying.  He squeaked and barked and ran around me – to the point that my human got up and put him in his crate.  A half hour later, he started to squeak again.  My human thought he just wanted to play.  But the squeaking continued, so after a half hour, she got dressed again and took him out.  And let’s just say, it was obvious that the bone did not “agree with him.”  Oooooo-eeeee.  He had a problem.  But remember, he had already had his breakfast… So his stomach was full… And my human needed to go over to her mother’s for a few hours….Given this predicament,  she decided to put the FG in the run in the garage while she went out (which is heated – in case anyone was worried).  And Einstein and I stayed in the house.

When my human arrived home after about 4 hours, it didn’t take more than 1.6 seconds to realize that there had been an explosion in the run in the garage.  “Oh no” she said to the FG – who actually did not appear to be the least bit concerned.  She told him to hang on a minute while she went in the house to get some cleaning supplies, and his leash.  And that’s where she discovered that one of US also had some bone disagreement as well.  Not as bad as the carnage in the garage – but still, a definite landmine.  She ushered us outside while she went to clean up that mess first.  She did it quickly as she has become a pro at poop removal and sanitization.  She went to take the contents of a bag outside and that’s when she discovered that two PONs were AWOL.  She called.  And no one came.  She called again.  Louder.  And no one came.  She ran in the house, grabbed her coat and stormed up the driveway.  She figured we were in one of two places.  Over at Hudson’s house OR over at the other neighbor’s place – who has a new puppy.  She actually headed there first.  She walked down the road to their place, and looked down the long driveway to the house.  No sign of two PONs running about.  So she headed back toward our house.  And that’s when she spotted two PONs – standing at the end of Hudson’s driveway – by the road.  There isn’t much traffic on our road at this time of the year – so she didn’t panic. Einstein spotted her first. And he froze.  Then I saw her.  Neither of us knew what to do.  Head for home.  Or head for her.  She called us – so the decision was made for us.  We ran to her – albeit slowly because even at a distance we could see the steam coming from her ears.  We were leashed and marched home.  Where she now had the pleasure of tidying up the run in the garage.  Let’s just say we had no bones last night…

Today the FG is going to some kind of handling class.  It’s where he handles my human and shows her how to stay on her feet while they run around a ring to prepare for entering beauty pageants this year.  Now this should be entertaining…I’m sure I’ll have some good story tomorrow.

Now.  I wonder if we’ll get those bones again tonight…

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

Seizure-free days: 23

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