It’s a tough life being a groundhog

Well the groundhog didn’t see his shadow.  So that means we should be having an early spring.  At least that’s what Shubenacadie Sam in Nova Scotia forecast.  That’s before he bit a reporter….

Seriously.  There was this big gathering with everyone waiting for Sam to come out of his den.  They opened the door to his den and he ran around.  Everyone cheered for an early spring.  The dignitaries left Sam’s fenced area all happy.  And then it seems some reporters wanted to get some close-up photos of Sam.  Well Sam wanted nothing to do with the paparazzi anymore.  I mean, seriously – they roused him out of his bed and chased him around – so he had enough.  So he started climbing out of his pen.  Fast.  He was almost to the top of his encloseure when one of the reporters grabbed him to pull him down.  And that’s when Sam had really had enough – and he bit the reporter.  Can’t say I blame him.
That’s almost as interesting as the story in 2014 when the Staten Island groundhog, Chuck was actually dropped by the mayor.  Actually, this story is rather tragic.  Chuck died several days later.  The cause of death was said to be old age, but some also said he died of internal injuries.  Who knew it was such a rough life being a rodent whose main job is to be recorded coming out of your house one day each year.  Then there was the case of Winnipeg Willow, in Manitoba Canada who in 2016 died just days before the big day.  Too much stress I think.  All the festivities needed to be cancelled.  They obviously didn’t have a stand-in.  

Apparently several other famous prognosticating hedgehog-wanna-bes had a different forecast than Sam yesterday.  Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania and Wiarton Willie in Ontario both predicted more wintery weather. Everybody knows we have more balmy weather here in the Maritimes.  Sure we do.
Next year, I think I’m going to get my human to drive me to see Shubenacadie Sam do his forecast.  Now wouldn’t THAT make for another good groundhog story!
Have a good one! Peace and paws up!
Seizure-free days: 22

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